The Eighteen Principles

This version of the Eighteen Principles was originally published by Saul Amarillo in Hebrew and later translated into English by Scholem and quoted in its entirety by Sisman (formatting and spelling, including brackets except where noted, match Sisman).

In the name of Sabbatai Sevi.

Here is the 18 commandments of our Lord, King, and Messiah, Sabbatai Sevi, whose glory be exalted.

1-  They shall be scrupulous in the faith of Heaven, that he is one and only, and besides him there is no god, and providence does belong to any prince or ruler except him.

2-  They shall believe in his messiah, who is the true redeemer and there is no redeemer except him, namely our master, our king S.[abbatai] C[Sevi], of the seeds of the house of David, (of blessed memory)

3-  They shall not swear falsely by his blessed name or by his Messiah, for his masters name is in him and they not profane it

4-  They shall honor his Blessed Name, and so also they honor the name of the [Messiah? word omitted in Sisman] when they make mention of it, and so also [shall each do] for any greater than he in wisdom

5-  They shall advance from strength to strength in recounting and disclosing, subtleties in the mystic messianic faith, Raza Demeshiha, as also on the eighteenth day of Kislev they shall all of them assemble in one house, and there they shall recount to one another what they have heard and understood of the mythic faith of the Messiah, raza di-Mehemanutha di-Meshiaba.

6-  There shall be among them no murderers, even [of those] among the Nation, even if they detest them

7-  There shall be among them no thieves

8- There shall be among them no adulterers. Although, this is only a commandment of the Created World [Beriah], because of the thieves it is necessary to be scrupulous in observance

9- They shall not bear false witness, nor shall they speak falsely to one another; and they shall not inform among themselves, even to [against] unbelievers.

10- They are not permitted to come [bring] in anyone under the turban, even one who believes intensely. For he who is of the Warriors, will come in himself with a complete heart and a desiring spirit without any trace of coercion whatever.

11- There shall not be among them any who covet what is not theirs

12- They shall keep the feast [other texts: the fast and the feast] in Kislev with great rejoicing. [Says the copyist: it is the feast of the miracle of “He brought me up also out of the tumultuous pit, out of the miry clay,” which is on the sixteenth of Kislev, as is known, this is the day on which he was plunged into the great ocean by Samael and was delivered, as is recounted on a previous page.]

13- They shall behave graciously toward one another, fulfilling his [each other’s] desire.

14- They shall study privately the Book of Psalms, a daily measure every day.

15- Each and every month they shall look up and behold the birth of the moon and shall pray that the moon turn its face opposite the sun, face to face.

16- They shall be scrupulous in [their observance of] the precepts of the Ishmaelites, among whom they have to blind their eyes and eradicate his [their] seed. And as for the fast [of Ramadan], those who keep it shall not be concerned, and similarly about their sacrifices to the demons they shall not be concerned; and those things which are exposed to their [the Muslim] view they shall observe.

17- They shall not intermarry with them, either in their lifetime or in death, for they are an abomination and their women are creeping things, and concerning them, it is said, “Cursed be he that lies with any kind of beast.”

18- They shall be scrupulous to circumcise their sons and remove disgrace from among the holy people.

For my desire is in these Eighteen Ordinances, although some them belong [only] to the law of the Created World, for the Throne has not yet been made whole, until the vengeance of the Children of Israel is wrought upon Samael and his company. At that time all will be equal, [there shall be] no proscribed and no permitted no polluted and no pure, for they shall all know them [me], from the least of them to the greatest of them. And caution the Associates who are Believers but have not taken the turban- which is the war- that they must be scrupulous in their observance of the law of the Created World [Beriah] and Supernal World [Atzilut], they must not omit anything until the time of Revelation. Thenceforth, they shall be attired in the Tree of Life, and all will be equal. May it be his will that he [Sabbatai Sevi] soon be revealed. Amen.


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