Excerpt from the Book of Contemplation, the final redaction of the text, as translated by Mark Verman:

“…I asked Rabbi Nehuniah b. ha-Kanah, saying to him, Rabbi, show me the Glory of the King of the universe, in order that the knowledge of Him, like his other actions, will be clarified in my heart. He said to me, Son of the proud, come let us delve into the great ring on which is engraved the name and aR’aRYet’a is His name, as well as the ring of the earth, which is ‘aHV. I will show you everything.

“I entered inside, into the Outer Holy Palace, and removed from there R. Nehuniah b ha-Kanah’s book, entitled Book of the Celestial Palaces, and discovered the following, written at the start of the book.

“Mighty within the rooms of grandeur is He who sits on the wheels of His chariot, with the seal ‘ehyeh ‘asher ‘ehyeh (I will be who I will be), and with a great ring on it which is engraved the name ‘aR’aRYeT’a, which is His name. It denotes: One, the Start of his Unification, the Start of His Unity, His Permutation is One, Individual and Unique; Individual, Unique, One. Also, with the ring of earth that is ‘aHV, which is His name, denoting: One who Was and will be. The intermediary between both of them is He who is. “A word spoken appropriately” (Prov. 25:1). He was prior to when He created the world; He is in the world and He will be in the world to come. This is symbolized by: He did, He does, He will do. “


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